Our Philosophy


Financial Security

Superior Client Service

Long-Term Relationships

Student and his family celebrating graduation

We believe that a successful investor is one who asks questions and doesn't rest until those questions are answered. Successful investors know that there is only one road to financial security—setting a goal, applying the resources needed to meet it, and sticking to that goal, even through the ups and downs of the market.

Education is the key to life and the key to wealth as well. Fortunes aren't made with luck, but by mutual decisions and shared wisdom—in a word, teamwork.

Little boy and his grandfather catching a fish

At Egidio Assante Wealth Management, LLC, we work hard to provide our clients with answers—customized solutions designed to help pursue their long-term goals. We believe that investor satisfaction begins with superior client service. We look forward to working with you to demonstrate our commitment to our clients' investing strategies.

We're not looking for short-term relationships; rather, our hopes are that we become multi-generational advisors. Our clients' finances are, in most cases, a family affair, and we feel that we can provide outstanding service to not only our original clients, but their children and their children's children as well.

Like you, we're in this for the long term.